Amy Bui

I was born and raised in California. Although, I like to think that I just came to be-running about my grandma’s wooden floors, playing Mario Smash Brawl for hours on end, or stashing away dry ramen noodles under the bed so she won’t see. Much of what my childhood was, was my grandma; And what my grandma is, is Vietnamese, which means FOOD (basically). And that’s where it starts. Mind the slippery slope, if you will.

I would’ve never believed you if you’d told me as a child that I would be a passionate vegan by age 16. That is, a child who found happiness in the simplicity of stuffing, chewing, and swallowing. A child who threw her hands up in the mention of McD’s or curly fries, or that ‘grey thing with the yellow strings’. A child who loved her grandma so dearly she never wanted to leave the comfort that they only knew how to provide through food.

Years past and I couldn’t be that child anymore. Atleast, without ridicule from family, friends, society, or even myself. I became a vegetarian (at the most). I restricted just about everything and instantly lost weight as I also began to enjoy the energy and endorphins in working out. And although I did this for the wrong reasons, it spawned a renaissance of mind and body for me. I adopted a VEGAN lifestyle. I had found peace again, with food.

And so, this blog is intended to document my secret, not so secret journal. PHOTO by PHOTO.