Nicole Bui

A dance photo shoot with my talented sister. Taking photos was more challenging as my subject was moving and executing many moves with allègre. The outfits were handmade by my mother and I enjoined styling most of it to coincide with the soft greens in the frame. To say the least, this shoot was on… Continue reading Nicole Bui


Abby Jin : II

I seem to always have the best shoots-and the best time shooting with Abby. This second time around, we both grew as model and photographer. I decided to make the best of my surroundings and explore the trails by my house. We ventured out on our bikes down the trail. We then went on foot… Continue reading Abby Jin : II

Everett Lin

This is my second shoot and my first shoot experimenting with male models. Men truly are different. Or maybe everyone just is. Nonetheless this was a pretty fun shoot. I really wanted to try some underexposed shots as it played in with the cloudiness of October's overcast.  


ABBY JIN one of my first photoshoots I've done. Also one of my favorites. From this shoot, I learned that connection between the model and the camera is key. My model was a close friend and her sassy personality definitely came through.  The locations for this shoot inspired the mood that I wanted convey.