Pumpkin Crusted Pizza

Tried out an instagram video recipe and this is what happened. One Full Pumpkin steamed for 20-25 minutes. Blend + MashBlended 3 cups of oats into flour and fold into the mashed pumpkin. Olive Oil + Onion + Tomato + Mushroom + Black Beans + Peas + Garlic 395 : Cooked crust first for 20… Continue reading Pumpkin Crusted Pizza


Nana Nice Cream

Can you eat this? Can you eat that? I loooove ice cream, but I can't give it up. I can't.  Since I've been vegan these phrases have been nothing but familiar. I wasn't even a big fan of ice cream before, but I felt obliged to at least try it--plant-based. And it was G.O.O.D. Now, there… Continue reading Nana Nice Cream